Fast2serv Since 1998
Fast2serv launched its business in 1998. Based in Jbeil, it operates under the motto of excellence and fast services. Our areas of expertise include IT Business, through a highly competent network of IT professionals. Fast2serv offers you the most competitive service in IT and communication. Quality, skills and ethical standards are aspects highly considered in our business line.
Fast2serv New approach
Inspired by the personality of our Founder and General Manager, Mr. Charbel MATTA, genuine and authentic, our new approach is all about being extremely professional and real.

Our company is leader in offering the best networking and communication concepts.

Our objective is to create profitable business opportunities while being committed to the authenticity of the environment we work in. With an expertise in managing large IT projects from concept to completion, we offer high-profiled investors a portfolio of appealing IT projects.

Our customer relation service department makes sure we honor the interests of our clients. Individual attention for each and every client is part of the everyday service with a special program including several procedures to insure clients' satisfaction.